About Us

Ace Designers, led by three experienced design engineers and powered by a dynamic team of more than 500 members is one of India’s largest machine tool manufacturing companies. With a spread of over 50000 square meters, its manufacturing plants, located in Bangalore, India, are equipped with state of the art technology to deliver large scale high quality products.

Ace Designers, was founded in 1979 as a design-consulting firm. Initially, the team developed product designs for various machine tools including special purpose machines. Three years hence, in 1982, Ace stepped into the world of manufacturing with a range of special purpose import substitution machines for the I. C. Engine valve Industry.

Since then, Ace has rapidly grown to become India’s largest manufacturer of CNC turning centres and has remained the undisputed leader for nearly two decades. With a strategic focus on manufacturing of CNC turning centres, Ace has developed a wide range of indigenous cost effective products to meet the changing needs of its customers. Ace has ensured product excellence through quality driven manufacturing processes supported by meticulously planned world class infrastructure.

Having played a vital role in the Indian industrial renaissance, Ace machines have established their footprint in the global arena too. They have found acceptance in Europe, USA, South America, UK, Middle East, China, South East Asia, Japan and Australia.

Over the years, Ace co-founded several companies & collaborated with a few others to form the Ace Micromatic group, India’s largest machine tool manufacturing conglomerate.

In the late 90s, Ace introduced its top selling machine, the Jobber. This product was a result of a strategy to create demand for a competitively priced standardized CNC turning centre at a time when mainly customized products were being developed. This resulted in a three-fold increase in demand, from 50 machines to 150 machines per annum in just two years. Over the years, this model has transformed into an entire series & the numbers have grown to over 1000 machines per annum.