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Ace realized early on that high quality products would result only with high quality inputs. Over the years, Ace has spared no expense in establishing state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities spanning an area of more than 12 acres in Peenya, Bangalore. To ensure product quality and on-time delivery, Ace has developed in-house expertise in design and production of critical subsystems required for its products.

To ensure product quality and on-time delivery, Ace has developed in-house expertise in design and production of critical subsystems required for its products. The dedicated component manufacturing division is equipped with top of the line mother machines like:

  •  Starrag Heckert FMS system to ensure high level of flexibility and unmanned operations
  •  World class Grinders from Studer, Nissin and Kellenberger to ensure high precision grinding of spindles and cartridges
  •  Favretto slideway grinder for bed and guideways machining
  •  5 face machining centres for machining heavy castings like beds and columns

The sheet metal division is equipped with world class machines to ensure high quality sheet metal required for machine guarding. The entire process has been designed to deskill sheet metal production and to ensure safety of the workmen. The division is equipped with machines like:

  •  Amada Laser-cutting machines
  •  Amada Bending and shearing machines
  •  Fanuc Welding robots to perform hazardous operations in rapid and error-free sequences

Ace has established an environmentally friendly paint shop for pre-treatment and powder coating sheet metal to ensure longevity and aesthetic appeal of the products. The shop consists of:

  •  Fully automated PLC controlled 7 tank process system with conveyors
  •  Amada Bending and shearing machines
  •  Fully automated powder coating equipment with a conveyor systems capable of varying speeds suit the complexity and size of the sheet metal

Information Technology serves as the nerve centre of digital transaction, collaboration and communication at Ace. Equipped with a wold class data centre with dual redundant electrical supply 99.9% availability and uptime of IT resources has been ensured. Ace also entered into an enterprise agreements with Microsoft and SAP to fulfil its future technology needs and benefit from world class IT support. The physical infrastructure at Ace consists of predominantly Dell PowerEdge servers and Dell EqualLogic SAN storage systems. All business transactions at Ace are done through SAP and Microsoft SharePoint services to provide a collaborative environment for day to day working

With a capacity of 1000 tonnes a month the foundry is capable of manufacturing medium to large castings primarily of cast iron and SG iron. It is self contained with facilities to produce castings, heat treatment and painting. In addition to meeting Ace Micromatic’s requirement, we have built capacity to offer precision medium to large sized castings to customers outside the group. Customers will be offered a complete range of solutions and services including machining. On the anvil is a full fledged pattern shop.

The distinguishing features of this facility include high volume fast loop moulding, pouring and cooling lines supplied by IMF Italy. Large castings can also be made with floor moulding. Also included is a mechanized core shop and 4 metric ton dual track induction furnace. To maintain world class quality we also have a state of the art testing laboratory.

The highlight of our foundry is that safety and the environment have been given foremost importance. Extreme care has been exercised to ensure safety with systems like laser tracking, flame detectors and physical barriers to name a few. Equipment has been installed with dust collecting gadgets like scrubbers. Hazardous waste are collected and disposed as per environmental norms. A modern mechanical and thermal reclamation system ensures 95 percent of the sand is reclaimed. All equipment suppliers chosen are ISO, EMS and CE certified.