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Passionately ensuring quality is one of Ace’s core values. Ace has established a system of quality in line with the ISO 9001-2008 standards. Ensuring quality at every stage of machine building is achieved is a result of deploying key strategies and systematic processes.

Quality Assurance of Components and Sub Systems

  • All Critical components are manufactured internally or by group companies.
  • 100% percent inspection of all critical components is performed with the help of test rigs and precision co-ordinate measuring machines (CMM).
  • All spindles are thermally stabilized at ambient temperature to perform within the working range.
  • Regular quality audits are conducted at vendors’ facilities for non-critical items.

Quality Assurance during Assembly

  • Series of geometrical tests at different stages as per industry standards.

Final Product Quality Assurance

  • Cutting and load tests to ensure performance at its maximum capacity.
  • CNC parameters of the machines are tuned using specialized software.
  • Continuous sequence running test for 8 hours.
  • Ball bar testing
  • Laser Calibration

Taking a cue from the automotive manufacturing industry, Ace has evolved a system to assemble machines on a conveyor system. This has resulted in reduced throughput time, improved productivity, and ensured levelled production leading to on time delivery of machines. Some of the other benefits derived from deploying this system of assembly are:

  •  Visibility on the shop floor
  •  Waste elimination
  •  Work specialization
  •  Better output measurement
  •  Streamlined material supply