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Vantage 800 M

The Vantage

Ace Vantage turning centers combine power, rigidity and productivity. These are high precision CNC Turning centers with C and Y axes capability to cater to a wide variety of machining needs like milling, drilling, tapping and front/back-end turning applications in a single setup which increases the machine capability significantly.

All the stations are capable of driving a Milling, Drilling or Tapping head attachments. For live tooling to be effective, the spindle provides precise circular orientation of the workpiece and during live tool operations, the spindle is locked by a powerful brake, which disengages while turning and indexing. The Spindle is designed for heavy duty cutting.

Power up series motor offered for increased torque of lower spindle rpms.


C -Axis provides bi-directionul motion that can be interpolated with X and / orZ motion. The rotating cutters are mounted on the tool turret and they move in the some two axes of motion as the turning tools.


Y-axis is a third linear axis which enables rotary cutters to machine across the spindle center line. To get Y-axis motion, an extra set of ways is used to move the live tool across the face of the spindle. Thereby production shops can realize quickly the production advantages of integrating Milling / drilling and turning operations. Full contouring movement of the workpiece allows profiling cuts to be made using simultaneous X-Y-Z-axes motion with the C-axis.

  •  Turnmill version with driven tools
  •  30 degree true slant bed
  •  X Axis is with integral hardened and ground guide ways
  •  Z axis is with box type hardened and ground guide ways
  •  Large turning diameter up to 400 mm (with standard Turret)
  •  Higher swing up to 640mm
  •  Direct drive to X & Z axes
ModelUnitsVantage 800 M
Swing Over Bedmm640
Swing over carriagemm400
Maximum Turning Diamm400
Maximum Turning Lengthmm800
Distance between centresmm1025
Spindle Size / Nose A2-6
Max.Bar Capacitymm51*
Bore through Spindlemm63
Max.Spindle Speedrpm4000
Spindle Motor Power_Fanuc : (continuos)KW11
Spindle Motor Power_Fanuc: (30 min)KW15
Spindle Motor Power_Siemens: (continuos)KW--
Spindle Motor Power_Siemens: (S6-40 %)KW--
Full Power Range -FANUCrpm500-4000
Full Power Range -Seimensrpm--
Standard Chuck SizemmRefer quote
Turrret Type Rotary Tool Turret (R)
Rotary tool motor powerKW4.5
No of Stations 12
Max.Boring Bar DiaØ40
OD Turning Tool Sizemm25x25
TailStock Base Travelmm800
TailStock Quill Diamm80
TailStock Quill Travelmm120
TailStock Quill Taper MT-4
Coolant System
Coolant Tank Capacityl (litre)155
Hydralic System  
Hydralic Pump Capacitylpm14
Hydralic Power Pack Tank Capacityl (litre)45
Over all  Dimensions (LxWxH)mm3690x1850x1860
Over all Weight (without packing)Kg~5500

Specifications correct at the time of print. Owing to continuous up-gradation of our products, the specification may change and to be reconfirmed at the time of ordering.
**With appropriate work holding.

Vantage 800 M