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LT 40 M

ModelUnitsLT 40 M
Swing Over Bedmm800
Swing over carriagemm575
Maximum Turning Diamm700
Maximum Turning Lengthmm2200
Distance between centresmm2300
Spindle Size / Nose A2-11
Max.Bar Capacitymm117*
Bore through Spindlemm132
Max.Spindle Speedrpm2000
Spindle Motor Power_Fanuc : (continuos)KW22
Spindle Motor Power_Fanuc: (30 min)KW30
Spindle Motor Power_Siemens: (continuos)KW--
Spindle Motor Power_Siemens: (S6-40 %)KW--
Full Power Range -FANUCrpmStar(255-533) Delta(533-1333)
Full Power Range -Seimensrpm--
Standard Chuck SizemmRefer quote
Turrret Type Rotary Tool Turret (R)
Rotary tool motor powerKW5
No of Stations 12
Max.Boring Bar DiaØ60
OD Turning Tool Sizemm32x32
TailStock Base Travelmm2200
TailStock Quill Diamm150
TailStock Quill Travelmm200
TailStock Quill Taper MT-6
Coolant System
Coolant Tank Capacityl (litre)300
Hydralic System  
Hydralic Pump Capacitylpm38
Hydralic Power Pack Tank Capacityl (litre)70
Over all  Dimensions (LxWxH)mm6500x2300x2350
Over all Weight (without packing)Kg~12000

Specifications correct at the time of print. Owing to continuous up-gradation of our products, the specification may change and to be reconfirmed at the time of ordering.

* The machining length depends upon the work-holding and other limitations.

Note: Features shown may not be part of the standard equipment.

LT 40 M