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The CNC Sliding Headstock Automat machine is of twin spindle sliding head design to bring in productivity of Swiss style automat. The machine elements such as ball screws, bearings, CNC system and drives have been chosen from the best available technology in the world. The machine is built by a dedicated, experienced and skilled team under the guidance of domain experts.

Standard Features

  •  Main Spindle Chucking Device
  •  Sub Spindle Chucking Device
  •  Headstock Cooling Device
  •  Rotary Tool Driving Device to accommodate 3 live tools
  •  Normal Pressure Coolant System
  •  Centralised Lubrication System (with level detector)
  •  Door Switch
  •  Pneumatic device for air sealing
  •  Electronic Sensor for Tool breakage
  •  Knockout device for component ejection
  •  Built-in Lighting system
  •  Synchronous rotating guide bush device
  •  Work piece collecting chute and work piece collecting box

Optional Features

  •  Barfeeder
  •  Work piece Conveyor
  •  Chip Conveyor with Tilting Bin
  •  Knockout Jig for through hole work piece
  •  Medium pressure cooling system

Electrical Details

  •  8.4 “ color LCD
  •  2 path control
  •  Simultaneously controlled 4 axes
  •  PMC Axis control
  •  Tool nose radius compensation
  •  Tool life management
  •  Self-diagnostics
  •  Part program storage size 512 KB
  •  No. of registerable programs 400
  •  Absolute/incremental programming
  •  Diameter/radius programming ( X axis )
  •  Custom macro
  •  Multiple repetitive cycles
  •  Thread/Synchronous cutting
  •  Rigid tapping
  •  Direct drawing dimension programming
  •  Inch/metric switchable
  •  Graphic display
  •  Clock function
  •  Multi-language display
  •  Alarm/operation history display
ModelUnitsLCXT 20 G
Work piece WeightKg6X2
Work piece SizemmØ200X120
U axis strokemm4200
V axis strokemm650
W axis strokemm300
U axis Rapidm/min160
V axis Rapidm/min120
W axis Rapidm/min55