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SimpleTurn 5075 / 6T

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Standard Features

  •  Direct drive spindle
  •  4 station vertical axis turret
  •  BTP 80 - 6 station turret - 6T models
  •  Coolant equipment
  •  Machine lamp
  •  MT-5 dead center
  •  Electronic hand wheels at apron
  •  Automatic slideway lubrication
  •  Manual tailstock
  •  Operator tools

Optional Features

  •  Spindle with gear box
  •  Main spindle reduction sleeve, drive plate and MT-4 dead center
  •  Revolving center for tailstock
  •  Manual roller steady rest
  •  Follow rest : Roller type
  •  Follow rest : Bush type
  •  Manual chuck
  •  Hydraulic chuck and cylinder
  •  Hydraulic tailstock
  •  Basic spares for two years running
  •  Running spares for one year – specifically for cast iron dry machining environment.

ModelUnitsSimpleTurn 5075SimpleTurn 5075-6T
Swing Over Bedmm500500
Swing over carriagemm280280
Maximum Turning Diamm….320
Maximum Turning Lengthmm620550
Distance between centresmm750750
Spindle Size / Nose A2-6A2-6
Max.Bar CapacitymmØ42* Ø36* with Gear BoxØ42* Ø36* with Gear Box
Bore through SpindlemmØ63 Ø53 with Gear BoxØ63 Ø53 with Gear Box
Max.Spindle Speedrpm20002000
Spindle Motor Power_Fanuc : (continuos)kW7.57.5
Spindle Motor Power_Fanuc: (30 min)kWNANA
Spindle Motor Power_Fanuc: (15 min)kWNANA
Spindle Motor Power_Siemens: (continuos)kW7.57.5
Spindle Motor Power_Siemens: (S6-40 %)kWNANA
Full Power Range -FANUCrpm700-2000 With Gear Box option: 180-550 & 550 2000700-2000 With Gear Box option: 180-550 & 550 2000
Full Power Range -Seimensrpm700-2000 With Gear Box option: 180-550 & 550 2000700-2000 With Gear Box option: 180-550 & 550 2000
Standard Chuck SizemmRefer QuoteRefer Quote
X-Axis strokemm300200
X-Axis Rapidm/min88
X-Axis Guideways Hardened & Ground Dovetail guidewaysHardened & Ground Dovetail guideways
Z-Axis strokemm700625
Z-Axis rapidm/min1010
Z-Axis Guideways Hardened & Ground V and Flat guidewaysHardened & Ground V and Flat guideways
Turrret Type 4 station vertical axisBTP 80
No of Stations 46
Max.Boring Bar Diamm3232
OD Turning Tool Sizemm25x2525x25
TailStock Base Travelmm--
TailStock Quill Diamm8080
TailStock Quill Travelmm180180
TailStock Quill Taper MT5MT5
Coolant System
Coolant Tank Capacityl (litre)110110
Hydraulic System
Hydraulic Pump Capacitylpm--
Hydraulic Power Pack Tank Capacityl (litre)--
Overall  Dimensions (LxWxH)mm2500 x2000 x 19002500 x2000 x 1900
Overall Weight (without packing)Kg~1800~2300


  • FANUC 0i-mate-TD with turn-mate
  • Siemens 828D Basic T with manual turn
  • ACE Digi - 2010*

Specifications on request
() Values in brackets are for siemens control system.
Specification subject to change without notice. Features shown may not be part of the standard equipment.

SimpleTurn 5075 / 6T