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Jobber LM Elite

The Jobber LM CNC lathe is a versatile workhorse which can easily cater to most medium sized auto and general engineering components. This model is available with either box type or linear motion guide ways.

Jobber LM has been the highest selling model in the country and more than 5000 machines in operation bear testimony to the popularity of this reliable product.

Machine Features

  •  Powerful AC Spindle motor
  •  High speed 4000 rpm spindle
  •  Thermally stabilised spindle
  •  Linear motion guide ways
  •  30 m/min rapid traverse rate
  •  Pre-tension ball screw support
  •  0.45 sec. turret Index time
  •  100% ball bar tested
  •  LASER calibrated axes
  •  Separate coolant tank-easy maintenance

Standard Features

  •  AC spindle & axes drives
  •  Precision linear motion guides on both axes
  •  Heavy duty bi-directional turret
  •  Tailstock with live center
  •  Automatic centralized oil lubrication
  •  Hydraulic power operated chuck (Ø200 mm)
  •  AC unit for electricals
  •  Programmable quill
  •  3 tier lamp
  •  Rigid tapping
  •  Drain line oil cooler
  •  Basic hydraulic system
  •  LASER calibrated axes
  •  OD tool holder clamping block (8 nos)
  •  Boring bar holder (4 nos)
  •  Facing tool holder (2 nos)
  •  Set of sleeves

Optional Features

  •  Hydraulic power operated Chuck (Ø165 mm)
  •  Voltage stabilizer - 15 kVA
  •  Chip conveyor rear/side
  •  TPM - Trak productivity monitoring system
  •  Tailstock with built in centre
  •  Auto door
  •  12 station turret
  •  High pressure coolant system
  •  Tool life management system
  •  Bar feeder interface
ModelUnitsJobber LM Elite
Swing Over Bedmm500
Swing over carriagemm225
Maximum Turning Diamm320
Maximum Turning Lengthmm400
Distance between centresmm425
Spindle Size / Nose A2-5
Max.Bar Capacitymm36*
Bore through Spindlemm52.5
Max.Spindle Speedrpm4000
Spindle Motor Power_Fanuc : (continuos)kW5.5
Spindle Motor Power_Fanuc: (15 min)kW7.5
Spindle Motor Power_Siemens: (continuos)kW7
Spindle Motor Power_Siemens: (S6-40 %)kW8.4
Full Power Range -FANUCrpm1333-3000
Full Power Range -Seimensrpm1000-3420
Standard Chuck Sizemm200
X-Axis strokemm165
X-Axis Rapidm/min30
X-Axis Guideways Linear Motion
Z-Axis strokemm400
Z-Axis rapidm/min30
Z-Axis Guideways Linear Motion
Turrret Type BTP-80
No of Stations 8
Max.Boring Bar Diamm40
OD Turning Tool Sizemm25x25
TailStock Base Travelmm235
TailStock Quill Diamm80
TailStock Quill Travelmm100
TailStock Quill Taper MT-4
Coolant System
Coolant Tank Capacityl (litre)110
Hydraulic System
Hydraulic Pump Capacitylpm14
Hydraulic Power Pack Tank Capacityl (litre)45
Overall  Dimensions (LxWxH)mm2380 x2060 x1775
Overall Weight (without packing)Kg3500

*With Appropriate work holding
Owing to continuous up-gradation of our products, the specification may change and to be reconfirmed at the time of ordering.

Jobber LM Elite