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Horizontal 2 Axis Lathes
2 Axis Lathes with more options
(with/without customized solutions)

Flat bed CNC Lathes
Tool room Lathes
XL- box guideways, LM- Linear motion guideways
LT series machines
LT 2 Series
(with Millling and Subspindles)

LT 20 Series
(Horizontal slant beds and turnmills)

Heavy duty
(Horizontal slant beds and turnmills)

XL- box guideways , LM- Linear motion guideways, M- Turnmill, S- Subspindle
Multi Axis machines
Sliding Head Automat

Twin Spindle Chuckers,with gantry

XL- box guideways , LM- Linear motion guideways ,M- Turnmill, S- Subspindle, Y- Y axis