Over several decades we have developed a wide range of innovative solutions to meet the turning needs of the Automotive industry. Whether you are machining basic valves to complex engine parts we have the perfect solution. Our machines are designed to produce precision parts and achieve increased productivity. In addition to a wide selection of versatile 2 axis machines, we have machines specifically designed for heavy duty cutting and complex operations and large volume production. Our application engineering team are masters in providing tooled up and automation solutions for the specific needs of the auto component industry.


8 ball pin

Brake Drum

Brake Caliper

Brake Disc

Cam Shaft

Crank Shaft

Cylinder block

Diff case

Engine valve


transmission shaft

Universal Joint

Industry Needs

  •   Versatile machines
  •   Wide range of products for various machining lengths and diameters
  •   Heavy duty machining
  •   Twin spindles, twin turret machines for multiple operations in a single setup
  •   Automation for Mass production
  •   Cost effective