In 1979, three young engineers, Mr A.V. Sathe, Mr Benedict Machado and Mr Shrinivas G. Shirgurkar pooled into their new venture, Ace Designers, a total of 35 years of machine tool experience accumulated at the Central Manufacturing Technology Institute, India's premier centre for manufacturing technology & machine tool design. The trio began the venture in a garage armed with only their experience, design boards and a few thousand Rupees.

Their contribution collectively and individually is unmatched in the Indian machine tool manufacturing industry. Driven by their passion to make India self-sufficient in the manufacturing sector at a time when several import restrictions had barred the industrial growth of the nation, they set out to build mainly import substitution machines for the Indian auto industry. Over the years, they have cemented Ace’s presence as machine tool providers for several other segments like general engineering, aerospace, education and defence. Their vision, technological prowess and strong ethical values have helped them script a true fairy tale story.

Mr. Sathe:
“We rely on the development of internal technical strength for taking our products to the international level. Our emphasis is on innovation in product design and in manufacturing processes.”

Mr. Shirgurkar:
“Built on a strong foundation of ethics and transparency, Ace Designers is committed to bringing the economic benefits of large- scale production to customers, enabling them to attain a high level of competitiveness and quality.”

Mr. Machado:
“Our products are always based on careful studies of customers’ requirements. Their productivity is as important as our own. We provide not just products, but complete manufacturing solutions.”